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Alert Fatigue


How to put a stop to overwhelming alerts.

Alert fatigue is the challenge IT security professionals face when there are too many alerts generated by too many security tools, yet so many are false positives. With small to mid-size organizations running an average of 15-50+ security tools, these warnings quickly number in the thousands. Constant alerts can be overwhelming, but when over 20% are false positives that mean nothing and waste time, analysts start down a path of ignoring alerts as part of their job. 

Solving Alert Fatigue

D9 and Gradient Cyber have partnered to provide an integrated cybersecurity operation management platform that uniquely visualizes the cybersecurity health of organizations. Gradient evaluates potential threat traffic across the estate and eliminates false positives through its machine learning and A.I.-based Quorum platform to automatically filter and highlight legitimate alerts. It also monitors the attempts and sources of potential threat reconnaissance activity to improve prevention and detection capabilities, and the overall security posture.

Prioritizing Alerts That Matter

Utilize a security operations solution that can aggregate all your alerts across multiple products and prioritize threats with a uniform rating system. While some security products can provide individual alert rankings, Gradient provides you with a network-wide checks and balances that identifies risky traffic. The Quorum platform helps you identify gaps in your security posture and prioritizes alerts that matter.

Eliminate Time Lost Chasing False Positives

Not all alerts are the same, so not all alerts should be treated the same. Having one of your systems being pinged from an unknown location is quite common, even being pinged from a blacklisted IP is not necessarily an alert you need to act on, as long as your existing tools are blocking access. Gradient eliminates false positives by automatically and intelligently filtering and highlighting alerts.

Quick Remediation is Key

Alerts without guidance are often more time consuming than chasing false positives. The worst-case scenario is when action is needed, but you do not know what to do about it. Gradient’s expert SOC team provides actionable situation reports (SitReps) with detail about the threat and a prescriptive guide for remediation as well as applicable prevention steps to take to keep the same threats from affecting your network again.


  • Better Visibility: global network traffic across the entire estate
  • Alert Prioritization: quickly eliminate false positives and identify threats that matter
  • Actionable Response: situation reports guide remediation

32% of IT Security Professionals ignore alerts. Don’t let your business be one of those. Contact us for a demo on how we can provide an actionable roadmap to improve its security posture and take action on priority threats.