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In-house IT teams have a tough job

In-house IT teams have a tough job

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Let us help make it easier.

When it comes to cybersecurity, In-house IT teams have a tough job – probably the toughest job out there. That’s because you have to take care of everything IT-related – in addition to managing security.

All too often there is no one on your team dedicated to security – and even if there is, the bad guys don’t clock out and your security person can’t work 24/7.

The choice seems to be – go it alone – or try and get the budget for more cybersecurity tools. Not anymore!

D9 Technologies has partnered with Gradient, the total solution that is a powerful combination of proprietary technology and senior. Cybersecurity Analysts that make the job of managing security much easier for smaller IT teams; without breaking the bank.

With D9 you get trusted security operations as a service with the knowledge and power of an industry leader in the industry protecting your systems.

We want your in-house IT team to sleep at night, knowing your business is protected.

Does your current Cybersecurity Partner do this for you?

As your cybersecurity partner, D9 Technology, powered by Gradient has cybersecurity analysts that extend and support your cybersecurity team. Our A.I. driven system monitors and analyzes traffic on your networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems, looking for anomalous traffic that could be indicative of a cybersecurity incident or compromise. Our Cybersecurity Analysts become trusted members of your cybersecurity team.

Our Security Intelligence Platform provides insights into your cybersecurity maturity and improvement with our native out-of-the-box compliance features that are built on industry-leading cybersecurity frameworks – NIST, CMMC, CAT, & IMO.

We filter out the noise and provide actionable intelligence to enhance our customers’ security posture.

Our complete solution includes the following suite of tools:

Network Monitoring

Gradient’s AI-driven Security Intelligence Platform allows us to fully monitor and protect your network.

Bi-directional Netflow instead of uni-directional Netflow provides a full end-to-end session communication. This ingestion is done directly using PCAP data and Gradient’s Quorum Collect appliance.

Log Ingestion

The amount of risks to networks continues to increase and Gradient’s Security Intelligence Platform offers complex logging from on-site and/or cloud providers. These logs are mapped back to Netflow data to create a clearer view of the network’s operation and detect suspicious circumstances.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Gradient Security Intelligence platform has a built-in Cloud Based Intrusion Detection System to monitor the network traffic for malicious activity and policy violations.

Endpoint Integration

The Gradient Platform integrates with several endpoint protection solutions to ingest logs and alerts for a holistic picture of the environment.

Threat Management

The Gradient platform provides Threat Intelligence via our Cognitive Library – which is a combination of our own proprietary technology and industry-leading security and threat feeds.

Asset Communication Discovery

The Gradient platform provides detailed information on assets based on Netflow data. We see Industry-standard signature-based detections and custom signature-based detections on recent activity in cybersecurity trends as it relates to threats.

Network Data Anomaly Detection

The Gradient platform provides actionable insights and algorithms that identify unexpected events, observations, or items that differ significantly from the norm.

Not sure what your current cybersecurity posture even looks like? D9 Technologies can come in and take all the worry and concern off your internal teams and remove the need to hire expensive and often difficult-to-find, in-house security analysts. We can provide a full Malicious Activity Evaluation, from Gradient Cyber, we will test and assess your IT environment for 30 days and provide a full report on any suspicious threat activity.

Connect with us to talk through it, 888-626-6379 or email Sales@D9Now.com