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Malicious Activity Evaluation

Malicious Activity Evaluation

Malicious Activity Evaluation

Partnering with the best for a malicious activity evaluation

Today, a company’s brand value is staked largely on how well it protects its data, reputation, and trust,
and on the strength of its cybersecurity technology, teams, and processes. Customers, investors, and board members often factor security posture into company valuations and how they approach deals, partnerships, and strategic decisions. In our increasingly risk-sensitive world, IT teams must work in unity to understand how effectively they’re detecting, alerting, and blocking threats every day. This also means demonstrating security effectiveness with evidence to prove the value of security investments. As a business, where do you start? With a malicious activity evaluation from D9 Technologies powered by Gradient Cyber.

Small to medium-sized businesses are an ideal target for cyber-attacks. In fact, 3 of every 4 ransomware attacks target small businesses, and roughly 80% of the ransomware victims are hit a second time!

What’s the solution?

That is where D9 Technologies comes in and can take all the worry and concern off your internal teams and remove the need to hire expensive and often difficult-to-find in-house security analysts. With our full Malicious Activity Evaluation, from Gradient Cyber, we will test and assess your IT environment for 30 days and provide a full report on any suspicious threat activity.

How does it work?

You will receive a comprehensive analysis with metrics that calculates the probability of an incident by assessing people, processes, technology, and data delivered in an easy-to-read cyber dashboard. This includes a 500-point analysis from endpoint to the ecosystem, a dark web email compromise query, an attack avenue analysis, network traffic score, and a guided NIST assessment. Upon completion of the malicious activity evaluation, D9 Technologies and Gradient Cyber will provide recommendations that will increase your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.

How do I get my malicious activity evaluation?

Get your free 30-day Malicious Activity Evaluation now. Contact us at sales@D9Now.com or call 888-626-6379. Don’t wait until you already have a cybersecurity incident you are dealing with. Be proactive.