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CASE STUDY – Malware on the Network

CASE STUDY – Malware on the Network

malware on network

Learn how D9 helped identify the root cause of a network outage

When damage has been done on your network, and you have no idea.

According to Dataprot.net, in 2019, 350,000 new pieces of malware are detected every day. Over 7 billion malware attacks were reported in 2019. With staggering stats like those, it no surprise that mid-market companies are under attack with malware on the network every single day. 

The Event:

A well-known tool and die company had been experiencing IT problems – Network outages, PC problems, workstations, CNC Machine issues, you name it. Things were glitchy and getting worse as days went on. They knew something was wrong but didn’t know how to remediate or even where to start. That’s when they called D9 Technologies. D9 came in and instantly knew there was malware on the network.

Our Approach:

We focused on identifying the root cause, and after a quick investigation, it was within the Malware Category – Trojan’, Ransomware, Command/Control, etc.  Service ports and protocols were being used by the attacker to exploit vulnerabilities that were in place for many years.  D9 came in with engineers on-site with an approach to remediate the threat across all infrastructure components.  D9 was able to block malware traffic and remove it from the host, thereby containing the malware and prevent further spreading. 

After the network was secure, additional steps were taken to implement an infrastructure upgrade across the company. 

  • The network architecture was revamped for optimal traffic flow and security
  • An enterprise-grade firewall was installed to protect against future malware and threats at the network level
  • Enterprise-grade L2/L3 switches/routers were installed
  • New endpoint protection was implemented
  • Email threat protection was implemented as an advanced security level
  • Managed threat response was installed to monitor for future issues to prevent any relapse   

The Result:

D9 was able to have 100% malware remediation for the manufacturer in just a few days.  Our Secure Advantage solutions were instituted for an overall Stronger Infrastructure security posture.  A new and improved infrastructure was built as a fully managed solution, to be resilient with no single points of failure. The customer can now stay focused on their tool and die business and not worry about any future malware/ransomware attacks. If you are experiencing some random network outages, contact us. We may be able to help you too.