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CASE STUDY – Ransomware Attack

CASE STUDY – Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack

How D9 Technologies helps a manufacturer recover from a Ransomware Attack.

“On one of the worst days I’ve had in my life, I was able to contact D9 Technologies on a Saturday morning to respond to a Ransomware attack.
Within hours they were on-site and helped us back on our feet by providing temporary equipment to restore our backup on and run our

– Manufacturing CEO

The Event:

According to research from Cisco, 53% of midmarket businesses have experienced a security breach! Last Fall, a well-respected Dayton, an Ohio-based manufacturer, became a statistic. Like many midmarket companies, their budgets are tight, and resources stretched thin. A comprehensive security management strategy fell behind the demands of the day-to-day business.

A user, with elevated rights, unwittingly exposed the company by opening a phishing email. Ransomware Attackers utilized this foothold to quickly spread backdoors and add a cryptolocker across the entire organization. The executive team, when presented with a significant ransom, undetermined downtime, and no guarantee of success, elected to utilize D9 Technologies’ Ready Rack and Secure Advantage solutions.

Our Approach:

D9 Technologies focused on getting our customers’ business up and running again as securely as possible. Utilizing our Ready Racks solution, we deployed a pay-as-you-go infrastructure that provided a clean and trusted network and compute resources to restore company data. In less than 72 hours, our customer was able to do business again in tandem with the architecture and deployment of a new, robust, and secure permanent environment.

The Result:

Our Secure Advantage solutions were implemented in conjunction with industry-standard best practices and next-generation infrastructure solutions. The result is a highly resilient and secure environment capable of proactively protecting and providing RPOs of minutes in the event of an environmental compromise. Backed by our 24×7 Secure Advantage Monitoring, our customer has the reassurance that they are safe from repeat compromise. Have you experienced an attack? Are your Cyber Security measures updated? Not sure or need help? Contact us.