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The Future of the Remote Office Phone System

The Future of the Remote Office Phone System

The Fiture of a remote Phone System

The Future of the Remote Phone System

Remote work has completely changed the game for today’s workforce.

Companies have already realized the benefits of the cloud. Millions of businesses send and receive email using Google and Office 365, saving them from maintaining costly servers.

Businesses will continue to evolve their technologies and platforms to support their employees. Upwork projects that by 2028 nearly three-fourths of employers will have a remote team.

Modern ways of working are no longer limited to an office.  Staying connected while traveling, commuting, or working from home has become a key factor in the way we conduct business. Moving to a remote office phone system is the next big move 

Equipping your team with the right tools to work remote is a key to productivity and keeping employees motivated and happy.  As employees become location-agnostic, so will a company’s phone system. Business leaders will see the proven benefits of a cloud-based phone system.


What Are the Benefits of a Remote Phone System?

Staying Connected with Clients & Co-Workers

When you’re away from the office, it’s almost as if you took a sick day. When you’re not seen, it’s difficult for your team and customers to reach you. A remote phone system lets your team stay online and accessible wherever they work.

For even greater connectivity, a cloud phone system contains a managed directory and address book, so staying in touch hasn’t been easier.

Everyone Shares One Office Phone System

When working from home, it can be troublesome to communicate with the rest of the team. With a remote office phone system designed to support remote employees, you won’t have this problem.

When time and money are on the line, you don’t want to track down personal cell phones. With one VoIP phone system, call forwarding keeps your team connected in and out of the office.

Virtual PBX systems also provide local and toll-free numbers. PBX systems let employees stay accessible by using their office extensions.

On-The-Go Availability

Working from home is very different from working in an office setting. Remote workers often have more control over their schedules, especially if they travel.

The prevailing benefit here is that an office phone system never sacrifices features if employees are away from the office. With a reliable business phone app, employees can access their phone line from any computer or smartphone. All that’s needed is an internet connection — it can work adequately even over Wi-Fi.

Remote employees shouldn’t have to risk missing important phone calls while they’re on the go. Mobility strengthens your business by ensuring that agents are reliable on every device.

Voice & Video Conferencing

Communication is the core of every successful team. From the Fortune 500 to the Navy SEALS. Establishing a regular cadence and trust in team communication is what makes them successful.

You can’t leave conversations up to interpretation. Speaking to your team live through the power of video and delivering a presentation live is invaluable. It allows for quick clarifications and the expression of tone and nuance. It even strengthens your remote team overall.

If you find that members of your office jump between different apps to talk, it’s ripe for a communications crisis. To stay focused, limit the number of moves it takes to complete simple tasks such as when chatting with your team.

A remote office phone system provides unified communications that make it easy to switch between voice, video, chat, email. No matter the situation, your team is covered.

Look for video capabilities that offer one-to-one video chats as well as screen sharing. These functions supplement the day-to-day routines shared by managers and their reports. Personal apps like Skype or Google Hangouts don’t cut it for business.

At the end of the day, you don’t want uncertainty. Video conferences are ideal for presentations, sales pitches, or product demos.

Staying Organized & Focused

Did you know that a cloud phone system helps maintain a productive working environment? It’s the unsung hero of the office. With a remote team, your phone system needs to be there to help them stay organized and productive.

With an always updated company directory, employees can find each other and strike up a conversation. This saves time in solving customer questions and invites more direct communication.

Likewise, when it’s time for deep focus, your phone system manages your online presence to tell others you’re in a meeting, away, or simply offline.

Either way, you want a phone system that’s easy to use and is widely adopted from day one.

Fine-Grained User Permissions

How do you protect your company’s phone system from internal error or abuse? With a zero-trust model, you can assign permissions to select VoIP features on an as-needed basis.

User and location-specific permissions provide organizations control over who manages system settings. These security settings let you maintain access to communication features without placing your business continuity at risk.

IT leaders can breathe a little easier knowing their phone system is hosted in the cloud, making it resilient to natural disasters and even sabotage.

Phone System Security

It’s crucial to understand how VoIP providers control and maintain all the security protocols of your phone system. This concept means your company doesn’t need to maintain the security infrastructure.

Since your phone system uses VoIP, that means it also uses SIP to establish each phone call and message. Much like how websites secure all traffic between the user and server, your phone system can offer the same functionality.

A powerful remote office phone system lets you activate enhanced call security between users. It results in no extra latency, and you can rest assured that others cannot eavesdrop on the conversation. Call encryption is possible because of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

Reach out to your VoIP provider to confirm their security settings for your company.

Protecting Personal Privacy

Even on-site staff communicates with clients and colleagues outside of the office. When this happens, they often use personal contact information for a business call.

Unfortunately, this also invites unwanted contact over a communication channel your company doesn’t manage. People are quite protective when it comes to their personal mobile phone number.

From a business standpoint, these situations can significantly damage credibility. Reaching a client via a personal cell phone or home phone number is unprofessional.

A cloud-based VoIP system separates business phone numbers and personal numbers.

Accessing your email from a home or personal computer is simple enough. Why shouldn’t your business phone system be just as flexible? It’s best if all of your business communications are logged and documented for later reference.

D9 Technologies has partnered with Nextiva to be able to provide a system catered to fit the needs of your business by providing amazing customer service, lower monthly expenses, collaboration in real time, while staying connected to your customers.  Features and plans are endless, however, VoIP features that are best suited for remote teams should include, auto-attendant, voicemail to email, call queuing, unlimited calling, and even an app to stay connected with your customers, employees and partners from your mobile device.  Regardless of the size of your business,  you can obtain and deserve one solution for communication.  Contact us to understand how we can partner with you to determine a best solution.