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Turning Cybersecurity into a Competitive Advantage

Turning Cybersecurity into a Competitive Advantage

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One perspective of IT and Cybersecurity policies is that they inhibit or reduce the efficiency of your business. A type of tax to be paid as a price of doing business. We get it but let us give you another perspective that turns your IT practices and policies for turning cybersecurity into a competitive advantage…   

As experts, we see an increase in customers receiving cybersecurity risk assessments from their vendors. What does this mean for you and the impact on your business? Why are companies sending these to their partners?  Often, the pressure to complete the assessment, completely and accurately, comes at the risk of losing business, but it’s all about ensuring you are secure, and your data is safe. 

In today’s landscape of cyber-threats, your organization is under attack, even if you are not aware of it. The number of bad actors has increased, and the success these bad actors have had increases the likelihood of more and broader spread future issues. 

The publicity of some recent attacks has caused businesses to evaluate their business continuity plans. Businesses are asking themselves, what happens if one of our partners has a cybersecurity event that inhibits their ability to deliver? How would it affect our commitments? If a cyber event would affect your ability to meet your obligations to your partners, that is a risk to both parties. 

Other questions companies need to ask themselves is, “What is our data exposure risk? How much of our data or data about us does our partner possess, and is it protected?” Finally, “Does communication with our partners put us at risk? Is their email access secure?” 

Evaluating and asking these hard questions creates an opportunity for you to have by turning cybersecurity into a competitive advantage by using specific IT policies and procedures that reduce the risk of a cyber event. Providing vendor partners greater trust in your ability to deliver on your commitments and keep their data secure allows them to sleep at night knowing that they have taken the necessary steps to prevent a breach. 

If you want to impress your partners, include a completed Cybersecurity Self-Assessment in your contacts/bids, this will set you apart from most of your competitors. 

If you are receiving IT / Cyber security risk assessments from your partners and have questions about your organization’s cyber security risks, we can help. We specialize in creating policies and procedures to help our customers make a cyber-secure organization.  Contact us for more information on turning cybersecurity into a competitive advantage for your business.