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A Modern Phishing Attack – Part 2

CASE STUDY: A Recent High‑Profile Targeted Phishing Incident This is part two of a three-part series on the anatomy of a phishing attack. Our partners at Cisco have outlined a case-study below on a recent high‑profile targeted phishing incident. WHAT HAPPENED? In 2020, hackers targeted a popular company through social engineering and organized phishing attacks.…
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A Modern Phishing Attack – Part 1

Increasing Sophistication of Phishing Attacks This is part one of a three-part series on the anatomy of a phishing attack. Our partners at Cisco have outlined the facts on phishing below. With the increasing sophistication of phishing attacks, IT security teams today face the daunting task of defending an extended perimeter and attack surface due…
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Integrated Security and Surveillance

Top 5 things to consider when specifying an integrated security and surveillance system Business owners looking to implement an integrated security and surveillance solution can find the range of options available confusing. The wide choice of hardware and software products offers a seemingly endless array of specifications. For instance, a business may benefit from an…
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Don’t Take the Bait

How to stop and avoid phishing emails Our partners at Sophos have outlined some data and info that we are sharing around Phishing – and it’s not the catch-and-release kind of fishing most of us are used to….. Phishing is a big issue that we all need to be aware of – and play our…
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How to Optimize Meeting Spaces

Getting the right set up for Hybrid Work The office will never look the same – and maybe that’s a good thing. According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 53% of larger organizations plan to reduce their office space size, and more than three quarters will increase work flexibility. This is a direct and lasting consequence of…
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The Hybrid Work Environment of the Future: Where to Start

As businesses rapidly transitioned to a remote work environment over the last year, there was one big question: would productivity take a hit? That question was answered loud and clear as productivity stayed strong and, in many cases, increased. This success has left us with some clear guidance that can help businesses take the next…
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Becoming a More Resilient Business

Embracing Digital Transformation If you’re like most small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated your plans for digital transformation. Practically overnight, you had to shift work from offices to homes or from in-store to online. In fact, the 2020 Small Business Digital Maturity Study conducted by IDC and commissioned by Cisco reveals: More than 70 percent of small…
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2021 Threat Report

Navigating cybersecurity in an uncertain world Our partners at Sophos release an annual report outlining predicted vulnerabilities that users may be impacted by. The Sophos 2021 Threat Report explores this year’s key cybersecurity developments and their implications for the year ahead. With insights and analysis from Sophos security researchers and threat hunting experts, it provides a unique,…
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Tips to Stay Cyber Safe for Thanksgiving

Tips to Stay Cyber Safe for Thanksgiving. Be cyber-smart with your info and your company info this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

New Service Offering – MetroNet

D9 Technologies is the area’s authorized agent partner with MetroNet bringing you 100% fiber-optic internet and voice services.