Someone is watching your business

Make sure it’s someone you trust

Data breaches have increased over 40% in the past 5 years.

D9 Technologies is on the front lines to monitor and mitigate these risks that impact your business.

The experience that we bring to the table is unmatched. With over 75 years of combined experience in working with enterprise-level businesses, our team has the technical ability to tackle nearly any IT issue or project you may be facing.

Last year, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center received 3,474 complaints of ransomware attacks that collectively cost the victims more than $29.1 million. However, it is impossible to know exactly how many businesses were hit by ransomware attacks, as owners often keep the attacks secret and broad gaps exist in reporting requirements, which experts say hinders efforts to battle the problem.

Ransomware attacks disproportionately attack small businesses. Just in Q1 of 2021 alone, 73% of ransomware attacks happened to those with 1,000 or fewer employees.

Why? A business owner operating on a thin margin may be reluctant to spend money on up-grading cybersecurity, therefore making them a prime target for hackers to exploit.

Vulnerabilities are everywhere. Effective cybersecurity involves layers of protection and recognition that employees are both the first line of attack and defense.

So what does that mean? Remember to communicate the basics to your team as part of your internal communication.

Train your employees! Make sure they can spot a threat or fraudulent email. Confirm they are utilizing robust and unique passwords for not only business applications, but for personal info as well. Install protective software to help combat any incoming threats before they reach inboxes.

Make sure you have a business continuity plan in place. If an attack were to happen, what would be the steps you would take to mitigate the loss of time, money, and resources.

D9 helps with all of these functions and more. If you feel like your company has gaps in any or all of these processes, let us know. We can provide an audit of your current system or build a security plan specific to you from the ground up.