Customer Satisfaction & Testimonials


We take customer satisfaction and testimonials seriously. We understand how the loss of efficiency impacts your business. “Quick and prompt” is the key to maintaining the 4+ star rating over the last year. Don’t take our word for it. The proof is in the results. Whether a basic help desk ticket for a password reset or a larger issue such as a system outage, we are ready, available, and responsive.

"On one of the worst days I’ve had in my life, I was able to contact D9 on a Saturday morning to respond to a Ransomware we had have gotten overnight.  Within hours they were on site helped us back on our feet by providing temporary equipment to restore our back up on and run our company."

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Customer Satisfaction 2020
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Below are some actual customer testimonials about the service they receive from our team.

“thank you! for the prompt help!”

Anna – Dec. 31, 2020

“Great experience working with Derek. Thank you!”

Ana – Dec. 31, 2020

“Great job and great communication :)”

Tony – Jan. 4, 2021

“Thanks guys for your time for helping me out”

Dexter – Dec. 23, 2020

“Thanks Micah. Appreciate all of your help”

Kay – Dec. 22, 2020

“I always appreciate your help.”

Kathleen – Dec. 22, 2020

“Thank you Michael number one for even answering the phone after 7 pm and most of all for fixing the issue.”

Kathleen – Dec. 21, 2020

“Great service!”

Karina – Jan. 7, 2020

“Derek was great! The issue was resolved extremely fast and he was very professional. Thank you so much!”

Amy – Jan. 6, 2021

“Noah did an amazing job at getting all of the required access set up for my new hire. He is always quick and able to answer questions. Thank you for a job well done.”

Amy – Jan. 6, 2021

“Great customer service!!”

Eddie – Jan. 5, 2021

“Great Support! Thxs”

Jose – Jan. 5, 2021

“Micah was great. Quick and very helpful!”

Jackie – Jan. 4, 2021

“Great diagnosis!”

Shonda – Dec. 16, 2020

“Mike was professional and resolved my issue timely.”

Dan – Dec. 15, 2020

“Very professional! Great Service!”

Shonda – Dec. 14, 2020