Architecture & Design

Designing for success.

We understand best practices.  We also understand the real world.  D9 Technologies realizes the role that IT plays in modernizing your business by providing top-notch services.  We partner with you to understand your priorities and initiatives to implement an efficient, flexible, and high-quality technology solution. 

The new normal for network architecture and design is zero-trust – trust nothing, verify everything. This, in turn, ties to the core of what we can provide. For more info on zero-trust, read our recent article, here, to help clarify.

Whether enterprise architecture, solution architecture, or system architecture, we will design and create the building blocks that allow you to grow in a manageable way depending on the contextual business scope, organization structure, and corporate culture of your business.

Automation Services

Automation is everything. 

We have the experience to create repeatable processes to replace or reduce human interaction with IT systems. Modern, dynamic IT environments need to be able to scale faster than ever and IT automation is vital to making that happen.  D9 can help you get repetitive, manual processes out of the hands of your staff allowing teams to be more productive, reduce errors, improve collaboration, freeing up time that can be spent on more meaningful, thoughtful work.

Backup and Recovery

Backing up is essential.

Having an effective backup and recovery service solution for your data is ESSENTIAL to running your business, particularly in today’s world of exponential data growth. Cloud backup as a service is proving to be a revelation for companies of all sizes—especially those with limited IT personnel and capital resources especially since the backup-as-a-service market is growing strongly, at over 27% annually. 

We have partnered with Veeam® Backup & Replication™ to deliver availability for ALL your cloud, virtual and physical workloads. Through a simple-by-design management console, you can easily achieve fast, flexible, and reliable replication, backup, and recovery services for all your applications and data. 

Already a Veeam customer? D9 provides health check and optimization services that will keep your solution running in tip-top condition. We’ve helped small, medium and Fortune 500 companies make backup nightmares a thing of the past. 

For more info and benefits on why you should be evaluating the cloud as your back up, read here.

Consulting Services

Partnering for success.

When it comes to consulting services, D9 takes an overall look at your business practices or a specific project and provides an honest, outside view of what needs to be completed, the time and the budget.

Are you looking for enterprise solutions without enterprise costs? Small and medium businesses are often denied the advantages afforded to large enterprise companies. 

D9 realizes the importance of staying conservative with budgets and finding low-cost solutions are important in contributing to long-term success.   

D9 was born with the desire to bring the experience and enterprise economies of scale to the SMB market. No project is too big or too small for our consultants. 

For more info on our Partnership Advantage, click here for an article outlining the top solutions for your business to thrive.


Protecting your assets.

This means something different to every business, but the core remains the same – protecting your people, assets, and customer data. The last thing anyone wants is to have their information be compromised. D9 Technologies has a proven track record of evaluating the best solution to fit your needs to mitigate future risks or assist in a current situation you may be facing.

We have compiled some tips that your business can do to stay protected from IT threats with a minimal budget. Check out this article to get started.

For a real-word Case Study on how D9 helped a local manufacturer with a ransomware threat, check out this blog for how we helped them recover in just 48 hours – Read here.

Data Center Consolidation and Simplification

Updating your infrastructure.

Is your business suffering outages because of outdated physical datacenter infrastructure? Are you suffering from capacity issues in your current server room? D9 Technologies has partnered with the premier colocation provider. Their state of the art datacenters will ensure reliable capacity in an easy to manage operational cost. There are no upfront capital expenditures needed for UPS, Cooling, and Physical Security installations.

Through our strategic partnership, we can guide your business through an optimal placement in one of 25 national datacenters. Together, with our custom managed services solutions, D9 can advise and also manage your colocated infrastructure.  


Planning is critical.

When it comes to Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity (DRBC), are you prepared? Is your plan updated? Do you even have a plan? The first step is to realize that there are differences between the two. For more info on the differences, click here.

D9 can evaluate and advise you on how you can bring Enterprise DRBC to your organization. Our goal is to make sure your existing policy has you fully covered to prepare your vital IT infrastructure, and you can effectively recover from natural or human-induced disasters, and ensure business continuity.

End User Computing

Finding solutions for your team.

Our experts can deploy and manage any size Microsoft, Citrix, or VMware EUC solution.  We realize there are different approaches and methodologies that better integrate users and non-programmers into the world of information technology. By listening and understanding your business’s functional application we can develop a solution that fits best to your business to solve organizational issues.

Health Check Services

Optimal system performance.

Are you constantly plagued by performance bottlenecks and service issues? D9 provides a wide range of health check services to ensure optimal system performance. We specialize in configuration assessments of Cloud and datacenter infrastructure technologies. Our expert consultants will bring enterprise experience and best practices to any size environment. We’ve assisted many clients with analyzing why their systems do not perform as expected and offer a quick turn around times to get the health of your environment.

Many IT organizations around the world are suddenly dealing with a massive increase in the number of home/remote workers they need to support.  A health check on your remote worker set-up is an ideal place to start in making sure your data and networks are protected against any future threats.  For more info on remote workers, read this current article written for our blog that provides key details for IT success. 

No matter the state of your current infrastructure D9 Health Checks can discover existing issues in your environment and provide analysis on a path forward. The Goal over every engagement is to provide the level of detail needed to move your enterprise forward.

Hosting Solutions

Managed. Dedicated. Consistent.

If you have a quickly growing business, there is a lot to manage, a hosting solution shouldn’t be one of those. Let D9 help figure out what the best hosting solution is for you. Get dedicated resources and ongoing management while D9 takes care of the technical aspect.

Managed Services

Quick. Timely. Accurate.

Everyday D9 helps our clients with long term managed services solutions to their staffing and skillset shortages. Our staff can provide escalation points for your team for complex issues or we can fully manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Quick. Timely. Accurate. Those are only some of the phrases we receive on a daily basis in regards to our MSP abilities.

To view actual comments submitted by our customers, click here. These reviews are part of our continuous improvement process and are collected as a post-incident satisfaction survey. Our goal is to understand how the ticket was handled and if the service was up to par.

Our team works to provide solutions for any task, big or small. For more info on how D9 can partner with your existing team, contact us.

Solution Sales

A network of options.

At D9 Technologies we want to be your valued partner in business. We’re not focused on one and done sales. We want to partner with your organization to provide solutions to your most complex issues. We handle any size project from conception to procurement to operationalization. Our sales team can provide quoting and procurement solutions perfectly timed to your project delivery and business needs. 

Our partner network includes a wide variety of brands to be able to provide a solution that fits your budget.  Click here to review a list of software and hardware partnerships we have built and can provide.

Tailored for your business.

D9 has the technical experts to craft a custom IT solution to fit your needs.  Struggling with API development, business processes, or custom integrations with cloud solution providers?  We can help!  Our experts can provide an IT assessment to understand the root cause of your challenges while determining a strategic, cost-effective solution. 

Our partnership approach has revealed that most companies need additional IT resources in three main areas.

  • Cyber Security
  • Access to Technical Support
  • Hardware & Software Procurement

For an article on a more in-depth look into these areas, click here.