Cyber Security


Protecting your assets.

This means something different to every business, but the core remains the same – protecting your people, assets, and customer data. The last thing anyone wants is to have their information be compromised. D9 Technologies has a proven track record of evaluating the best solution to fit your needs to mitigate future risks or assist in a current situation you may be facing.

An increasingly important part of cybersecurity for businesses and organizations of any size is compliance.  CMMC / NIST 800-171 regulatory compliance requirements are hard to interpret and are challenging to implement and remediate. 

D9 specializes in managed IT services focusing on cybersecurity assessments, remediation, and compliance.  We take a tiered approach by protecting assets at all layers from the gateway to the endpoint.  

We have compiled some tips that your business can do to stay protected from IT threats with a minimal budget. Check out this article to get started.

For a real-word case study on how D9 assisted a local manufacturer with a ransomware threat, check out this blog for how we helped them recover in just 48 hours – Read here.